Congradulations on making it to the homepage of this super secret website! If you're here because you heard of a space-race or a realistic communal survival situation, go ahead and click that server button! ..granted, you can just scroll down but I put a little effort in to that button xD. Obviously there is still a lot of work left to go in to this site but I think this latest overhaul can see a better oppertunity for my web-baby to grow. Maybe I'll start a blog? Make a spooky adventure? Who knows! ..okay I'll quit ranting- SCROLL ON TOWARDS THE SERVER THINGY!!!

That movie thing is still here if you wanna watch that instead!


My little slice of interwebs

If you are able to read this now then congratulations- I didn't COMPLETELY break the web-server :)! Putting that thing together wasn't easy and I can't promise it'll work forever. That said, WELCOME! What you're viewing is a hub-to-be that currently hosts a website and a minecraft server (more on that below). Ideally this will become a go-to for people to visit to learn about things I do and/or form a little community thingy. Perhaps in due time this can also be used to schedudle little D&D get-togethers and so-on. FUN FACT! That ampersand I just did took more work than you know. HTML actually uses the & symbol for code-things. So making them isn't exactly straightforward. The more you know~~! For now though, the crowning achievement here is the fact that this hosts both a website AND a server. To learn about joining, go ahead and scroll down to the server area.


That server thing I was talking about

So you're interested in joining that server thing; you've come to the right place! Simply click this link to access it! You'll find all the video instruction you need right there! See you on the inside! As always, no cheating, no dying. That shit will get you banned, especially dying.